Thursday, March 24, 2011

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"In a recent publication entitled ”Concerns, Cautions and Possibilities for Peace Education for Political Efficacy” Betty Reardon reflects on the state of peace education and offers a brilliant reaffirmation and further elaboration of the central importance and nature of a pedagogy of reflective inquiry for a comprehensive/critical peace education. Betty Reardon is an internationally renowned peace scholar and peace educator. She has been instrumental in the establishment of peace education institutions and programs around the world. Her work has defined the fields of peace studies and peace education (Reardon and Snauwaert, p.1)...

Reardon’s Responses to Snauwaert’s Queries on Reflective Inquiry
Dale Snauwaert has offered an excellent and incisive encapsulation of my
proposals for reflective inquiry as an appropriate and effective pedagogy through which to pursue the political/social purposes of comprehensive critical peace education. This encapsulation prefaces some very significant challenges for the further explication and development of the proposals and arguments put forward in ”Concerns, Cautions and Possibilities for Peace Education for Political Efficacy”. Snauwaert, an education philosopher has been a ground-breaker in articulating the moral and ethical dimensions of peace education and has situated the field within the philosophy of cosmopolitanism. His reflections deepening the inquiry into these dimensions offer a particularly provocative extension of the discussion I sought to open about current problems and possibilities in the pedagogies of peace education (Reardon and Snauwaert,p.6)".

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